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Multigrain Ladoo | Thinai Ladoo | Sesame Ladoo
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and millets like foxtail millet rice, koda millet rice, little millet rice, barnyard millet rice are also available

Multigrain Ladoo: Start your day healthy with this alternative breakfast!
Each bite of this delicious ladoo is packed with Complex Carbs, Proteins, Fibres and good fats. Two pieces of ladoo with a fruit make a filling, complete and balanced breakfast

Thinai Ladoo: An everyday snack!
Energize your mid-mornings or refresh your evenings with this lip-smacking ladoo. Try this authentic traditional snack which uses palm jaggery for sweetening

Sesame Ladoo: Healthy Dessert!
This is a perfect lunch box dessert for kids. The ladoo with its rich aroma of sesame and nutty flavour is a kids' favourite. Rich in Iron, Fibre and Anti-oxidants, its a tasty and healthy way to wind up your meal

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